Anna Hakobyan

Translator, translation studies professor, PhD., three-time chess champion in Armenia: In 1993 Mrs. Hakobyan has established A&M publishing house that specializes in publishing foreign language literature. From 1995 up to 2016 she was a professor at the Romance and Germanic Philology Faculty, YSU.  From 1999 up to 2008 she was the president of the PEN Armenia. Mrs. Hakobyan has authored more than 40 scientific articles and monographies. She has translated into Armenian about 30 authors including Saint-John Perse, Albert Camus, Paul Valerie, Arthur Rimbaud, Andre Gide, Paul Eluard, etc.   

Anna Hakobyan is an honorary member of PEN Armenia.

I Have Nothing to Fear Because My Attitude Comes from the Charter

An interview with Anna Hakobyan, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Armenian Center