Edik Boghosian

multidisciplinary visual artist, translator


Born 1972, Tehran, Iran


Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran's Azat University

Since 1994 he has been engaged in graphic design and illustration

In 2007 he moved to Armenia

Since 2012 he has been translating poetry, mainly Iranian contemporary

He has been engaged in visual poetry since 2013

He resumed his works of art in 2015


Newmag Publishing House’s designer and art director

Designer of the National Academic Theater of RA

Designer of the Cafesjian Center for the Arts

Freelance artist


The translations and visual poetry works have been published in Granish, Inknagir և Gretert literary newspaper.



Collections of translated poetry

"A Wistful Man Diary", 2015, Yerevan

"Degree according to Celsius", 2018, Yerevan


"# As_if_poetry", 2021, Yerevan


We don’t Know How to Maintain Relations with Other Nations

We have always focused on the enemy as our first priority. We are particularly poor at relations with nations in Muslim states