Arman Grigoryan

Arman Grigoryan (b. 1960) is a prominent artist, curator, educator and intellectual, internationally acknowledged as a leading figure of Armenian contemporary art. After graduating from the Yerevan Institute of Fine Arts in 1985, Arman Grigoryan initiated and founded the 3rd Floor art group (1987-1994), which became the leading revolutionary art movement of the transitional period from Soviet to Independent Armenia. 2005-2015 he taught art and composition in Yerevan “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” Educational Complex Art School. He participated in numerous international and local group exhibitions; His first individual exhibitions took place in Paris (1991 LCENT Gallery, Paris, France). As a curator he held more than 30 exhibitions, among them curation of the Armenian pavilion of 55th Venice Biannual, (2013, Venice, Italy). Mr. Grigoryan is also author of the utopian novel Long Live the Revolution (Actual Art publishing, 2018) and the self-published long poem The Summer of Slim Jeans (2012). 

Art gives a chance to get rid of the “Power of Necessity” forced by political and economic structures