PEN Armenia was founded in 1991 by the renowned Armenian poet, translator and public figure Gevorg Emin. The founding organization was officially called the Armenian P.E.N. Centre. In 1998, the Armenian P.E.N. Centre adopted new bylaws during an assembly. The translator, literary analyst and publisher Anna Hakobyan was elected the new President. The organization’s Armenian name was modified to reflect the original acronym of P.E.N. [from Փ․Ե․Ն to Պ․Է․Ն] (Armenian Poets, Essayists, Novelists, Center Non-Governmental Organization). In December 2017, the Armenian PEN Centre was registered as PEN Cultural Non-Governmental Organization (President elected Armen Ohanyan). We are confident that the center will succeed in this third attempt to establish itself thanks to the joint efforts across generations of its dedicated members and the literary figures that have come together under the values of the Charter.



Bibliotherapy – a three-day offsite event and workshop

PEN members as well as invited researchers, librarians, social workers, psychologists came together in the framework of our Bibliotherapy project ...

Not Frequently Asked Questions

Not Frequently Asked Questions is a joint initiative of PEN Armenia, Boon TV and the Restart Foundation

Obituary: Anna Hakobyan

Former President of PEN Armenia Anna Hakobyan passed away.

Annual Meeting 2022

Post/War: What to do? 27 project ideas were developed for policies in 4 main areas.

Writers for Peace Committee Off-Site Meeting

PEN Armenia Improves its Capacity in e-Publishing

Digitization and electronic publishing capacity building workshop took place

Annual Meeting 2021

Several key committees of PEN Armenia were formed as a result of ground-breaking annual meeting..


I Have Nothing to Fear Because My Attitude Comes from the Charter

An interview with Anna Hakobyan, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Armenian Center