Christian Ginosyan

Christian Ginosyan (born in 1999) is a multimedia journalist, who studied at Russian-Armenian University and Hetq Media Factory. In 2018-2019 he covered the events related to modern Armenian literature and art, within the framework of the 1 Dram initiative, which was active at the time. In 2018-2021 he worked as a digital content creator, radio DJ and interviewer in FM 105.5 Yerevan and Radio Hay network, hosted shows EU Music Review Pop/Indie. He writes at Hetq and and his top interests are wildlife, biology and science. He currently studies the impact of climate change on bee population in Armenia within the framework of UN COP26 in partnership with the British Council. 

Armenian language media has many shortcomings in telling a story, the best supporter of which may be literature.

The Romantic Approach to War did not Allow Us to Feel the Reality in a More Palpable Manner

Ideally, there should be platforms that would allow Armenians and Azerbaijanis to come into direct dialogue with each other