Hasmik Simonian

Hasmik Simonian is the author of two poetry collections Sleep walker words (Yerevan, 2005) and Scattered rooms (Yerevan, 2010). She is the co-author of educational book series Women that changed the world. She’s the winner of many awards, among them the prestigious President Prize in Literature (2006), numerous awards form Gretert and Granish literary magazines, second prize from Yerevan Book Fest in poetry nomination (2019), Calouste Gulbenkian’s Be Heard prize (2020). She is a member of Armenian Writers Union from 2007. She is largely anthologized and had participated in various international poetry festivals (in France, England, Russia, Georgia, India etc). Her poetry is translated in 14 languages; French, English, Russian, German, Ukrainian, Italian, Spanish, Farsi, Turkish, Serbian, Polish, Georgian, Hindi, Welsh. 

She is the co-founder of Text platform cultural-educational NGO, and the editor-in-chief of  http://textplatform.org/ website. 

She is the founder and director of Kokordilos publishing. 

At 18 I was sure I’d be a prematurely dead poet, I used to write, -as my bro would say-, simply because I could hardly manage something else. Now I take care of plants and words and even two cats – all are happy & safe, and of course, all of them are feminist!