Tigran Amiryan

Tigran Amiryan is the co-founder and president of Cultural & Social Narratives Laboratory (CSN lab). A professor of Contemporary World Literature, semiologist, literary critic, curator, and contemporary culture researcher, Dr Amiryan has authored numerous articles on postmodern genres of literature, interdisciplinary analysis, contemporary comparative analytics, sociology of literature, etc. Dr Amiryan’s main interest revolves around the issue of narrativization of both individual and collective memory in contemporary culture, artistic (fictional) representation, as well as history of the self, biographies, urban space, and environment that keep the memory of people’s lives despite oblivion and destruction. Dr Amiryan has authored a research paper They Conspired...: Conspiracy Detective Fiction from Dan Brown to Julia Kristeva (2013), as well as is the translator and author of Michel Foucault & Literature: Collection of Academic Papers (St. Petersburg: Aletheia, 2015).

Writing is a question of becoming, always incomplete, always in the midst of being formed, and goes beyond the matter of any livable or lived experience. It is a process, that is, a passage of Life that traverses both the livable and the lived. 

Gilles Deleuze