European Union Prize for Literature announces the 2023 nominees

PRESS RELEASE of EUPL announcing the 2023 nominees

Sakharov Days in Yerevan

Through the joint initiative of the Friedrich Neumann Foundation and PEN Armenia, a series of events called Sakharov Days was held in Yerevan.

Bibliotherapy – a three-day offsite event and workshop

PEN members as well as invited researchers, librarians, social workers, psychologists came together in the framework of our Bibliotherapy project ...

Not Frequently Asked Questions

Not Frequently Asked Questions is a joint initiative of PEN Armenia, Boon TV and the Restart Foundation

Burning Poet(s): June 8-12 Brief Overview & Links

As part of the first phase of PoLitPEN, a series of events was organized through the joint efforts of three sister PEN centers.

From Cotton Walls to Anti-Mimino

An alternative Armenian-Georgian dialogue developed that went beyond the Soviet type clichés.