War is the Oldest Tragedy in a Man’s World

Many years ago, in 2002, when Hrant Matevosyan was asked about what he would say to those going to the frontlines if a war broke out the next day, he replied, “I would say, Victory and nothing else. Defeat is an old hag that clings to your back…’” What thoughts have come to the fore after the Second Artsakh War and our defeat that followed? 

So the people of Azerbaijan have carried this hag on their shoulders for thirty years, while we have neglected this and underestimated them. I think that we must carry it too until we can shake off that burden with dignity. For me, war is the oldest tragedy in a man’s world, and that is what I am writing now.

The three former presidents of Armenia attempted to launch relations with Turkey. Why did Turkey not adopt a neutral stance during the Second Artsakh War?

Being an empire is a habit, just like smoking – you think you quit last Friday, but it’s Monday and you’ve started again. Turkey is a different country now, and this Turkey is poisoning its people as well as the lives of others.

So how can we establish good neighborly relations with Azerbaijan if they don’t return our compatriots that they hold prisoner?

It is not possible.