The Second Artsakh War was not Followed by Peace

Our peoples are armed to the teeth with ignorance about each other

War is the Oldest Tragedy in a Man’s World

Being an empire is a habit, just like smoking

One Should be Able to Penetrate into the Reader’s Soul Rather than Their Stereotypes of National Belonging

Our society today needs new thoughts and ways out of this situation

Human Lives are the Most Valuable Things in the Modern World

If there is one thing that art has successfully done from prehistoric times to this day, it is giving value to human life

The Romantic Approach to War did not Allow Us to Feel the Reality in a More Palpable Manner

Ideally, there should be platforms that would allow Armenians and Azerbaijanis to come into direct dialogue with each other

The First Thing Artsakh War Destroyed was That False, Military-patriotic Pathos-rich Discourse

I wish that Armenian writers have the courage to address this past war correctly

How Can One Speak of Good Neighborly Relations After All This?

Perhaps an honest piece, realistic to the extent that it would cause us pain, could help us imagine a way to get back on our feet…

As a Nation, We Constantly Avoid Any Kind of Reflection

Literature is borne, above all else, by problems. And we have more than enough problems

Peace is Realistic Only to the Extent to Which Humanitarianism Can Defeat Barbarity

A writer should stand between the soldier and the victim he is about to kill, preventing the shot from being taken

The First Thing We Need to Do is Offer Peace Within Ourselves

Our peace should be a story of growing stronger, educating ourselves, becoming more ambitious, and speaking on equal terms

We don’t Know How to Maintain Relations with Other Nations

We have always focused on the enemy as our first priority. We are particularly poor at relations with nations in Muslim states

I Hope that Justice will Prevail Someday

The inclination for peace and reconciliation was one-sided; as we can see now, it was one-sided