How Can One Speak of Good Neighborly Relations After All This?

To what extent do you consider the First Artsakh War to be sufficiently reflected in Armenian literature?

Given that I have a very thorough picture of modern Armenian drama literature (through the journal Dramaturgia,, let me present the situation. When the Second Artsakh War started, I decided to post all the plays about the first war on Guess how many such plays I managed to find. Only around ten. Of which only two had actually made it to the stage…

What myths did this recent Artsakh War destroy for you as a writer?

As an Armenian journalist, I had a certain (realistic) understanding of the situation in our army. I was more or less informed about the global position on the resolution of the Artsakh conflict, but at the same time, I have been struck a powerful blow in that I cannot find the right words to describe this war and our defeat. One myth that was destroyed was that of the generals that had taken a vow to serve the country and its people… The dedication of our REGULAR SOLDIERS was never a myth, and it is not one even today.

How can the war be reflected in our literature?

Perhaps an honest piece, realistic to the extent that it would cause us pain, could help us imagine a way to get back on our feet after this defeat…

The third article of the PEN Charter mentions peace, good understanding between nations, and respect. How realistic is this after the war?

For the time being, this is not realistic (for me). And I don’t know how long this “time being” will take…

So how can we establish good neighborly relations with Azerbaijan if they don’t return our compatriots that they hold prisoner?

First of all, the war is not yet over. Their park of dishonor, as far as I know, is still standing. The issue of the prisoners continues to be a disgusting bargaining chip… How can one speak of good neighborly relations after all this? When these issues are solved through civilized means, and the generation appears at the fore that does not have any obligations to these “big-game-players” then that time will come. There are such examples in the world.