Alice Ter-Ghevondian

Dr. Alice Ter-Ghevondian (born in Yerevan, 1966) is a Spanish literature and language scholar and lecturer, as well as an experienced translator and interpreter. She is the author of the monograph “The Mobius strip and the short stories of Julio Cortazar ” and “Short manual of Spanish-Armenian verb”, and also a number of scientific articles. In her translation into Armenian were published “Hopscotch” and “From the Observatory” by Julio Cortázar, “Mafalda and her friends” by Quino, short stories by Diego Tatian, poetry novels of Mario Sampaolesi, Ana Arzoumanian, as well as poems of a number of modern Latin-American poets. In Spanish she has published “Un idioma también es un incendio”, compilation of Armenian modern poetry, “Se disparó el arma”, by Mariné Petrossian and “El alambre no se percibía entre las hierbas”, short stories on the Nagorno Karabagh conflict.

Alice Ter-Ghevondian is our contact person with Spanish-speaking PEN centres. 

The original is unfaithful to the translation. 

Jorge Luis Borges

There is a Lot of Work to Do

We are the ones that need to make sure that our voices are heard in the “noise”