There is a Lot of Work to Do

What thoughts were born as a result of the Second Artsakh War and the defeat we suffered?

The words and images transferred through creative work are much more acceptable and memorable than those passed on through documentary productions or statistics. This is particularly true in this post-war period of seeking new meaning.

How can the war be reflected in our literature?

If this creative product is also well-measured and restrained, people will be more inclined to spread it, either through social networks or by reproducing it in their citations.

How do you expect to reflect it in literature?

There is a lot of work to do. We need to learn to transform everything that we saw and lived through into creative work with minimum emotionality, and with the right “packaging” for the right target audience, to make it accessible to the whole world through as many languages as possible. We are the ones that need to make sure that our voices "crying in the wilderness" are heard.