Anahit Ghazaryan

Anahit Ghazaryan is a writer and photographic researcher based in Yerevan, Armenia. Usually writing about her personal experiences and observations of contemporary society, her six years of experience as an Armenian language teacher for foreigners has also infiltrated her writing style, allowing her to place language under the microscope and play with words as a way to create humor and turn their traditional meanings upside down. In 2019 she spent four months in Istanbul researching the life and work of Maryam Shahinyan, the first professional female photographer in Turkey. She is also the co-producer of Akanjogh, Armenia’s first ever podcast on feminism.

Anahit holds a B.A. of Philology in Armenian Language and Literature and an M.A. of Philology in World Literature and Literary Theory from Yerevan State University. She also studied History and Theory of Art at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Yerevan․ 

Her poems and essays have been published in “Granish” and “Inknagir” literary magazines as well as in “Yerevan Magazine.” 

Literature is the place I can turn to unconditionally, through the happiness, the pain, the despair and the success. It is the space that allows me to enter as I am, paying no mind to my burdens or sins. It is the womb that allows me to constantly be reborn.