Hovhannes Aznauryan

Hovhannes Aznauryan (b.1974, Yerevan) is a fiction writer and educator. He holds a BA from the faculty of History and Law from Yerevan State Pedagogical Institute. After working for more than 15 years at schools as a history teacher he switched to IT (for last 12 years). He is the author of four books «Симфония одиночества» (Symphony of loneliness , Yerevan, 2010), «Симфония ожидания» (Symphony of longing, Yerevan, 2014), «Три церкви» (Three churches , Moscow, 2019), «В ожидании весны» («Waiting for spring , Moscow, 2020). 

He writes in Russian. He has been published generally in Russian language magazines all over the world;  «Литературная Армения» (Armenia), «Эмигрантская Лира» (Belgium), «Новый свет» (Canada), «Время и место» (USA), «Радуга» (Ukraine), «Дружба народов», «Октябрь», «Урал»,  (Russia), as well as translated and published in literary magazines Garun, Andin, Grakan Tert, Gretert (Armenia), «Revue svetovej literatúry» (Slovakia ) etc. 

He’s fiction was short listed for “Russian Guliver” magazine’s award in 2015, in 2018 he earned the prize after I. Babel (Ukraine, Odessa), in 2018 he was awarded for best fiction from “Etaji” magazine (Moscow). 

Official website http://www.aznauryan.am/


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