Burning Poet(s): June 8-12 Brief Overview & Links

As part of the first phase of PoLitPEN, a series of events was organized through the joint efforts of three sister PEN centers.

From Cotton Walls to Anti-Mimino

An alternative Armenian-Georgian dialogue developed that went beyond the Soviet type clichés.

Men in Trouble: Boell Talk at Keerk&Co

The Boell Talk was aimed at understanding how the narrative of masculinity is dominant in the public discourse on both sides, Armenia and Georgia ...

Polina Sadovskaya's Fantastic Douqan

Mirzoyan Library hosted the initiative, which consisted of a lecture-discussion followed by a photo session at Photo Atelier Marashlyan.

Writing and Women: Discussion in Goethe-Zentrum Eriwan

"I’m okay with naming myself a woman writer․” stated Tamta Melashvili, an award-winning Georgian author and feminist.

The Burning Poet at the Cafesjian Center for the Arts

Most of the events and meetings scheduled for June 9 took place at the pride of Yerevan, the Cafesjian Center for the Arts (CCA)

The Burning Poet: Diana Ukleba