Whenever I Asked What We Can Do, Everyone was Silent

It is difficult to acknowledge that you have woken up to another day and you’re still alive...

Old Myths Will Constantly be Replaced by New Ones

Personally, no myths were shattered at my end, but I was the one that ended up broken

We Have to Find Ways & Straighten Our Back

We need a new political discourse in Armenia. With my new writings I am trying to start it.

The Best Writers are Always Ahead of Their Times

They are always the ones that preach progress, good relations with neighbors, human rights, identity protection, and so on

Our Literature Has Mostly Been Leading Us into a Dead End So Far

This cycle in which we have been caught up for more than a hundred years has also been created through literature

There Must Be Reconciliation Between People

Any conflict between nations is artificial and contains an intentional political purpose

The People Can Also Force a War to End or Peace to be Established

It seems like we were neither ready for war nor for peace. 

The Real War Is Within Us

If we emerge victorious over ourselves, the war will end

We Need A Normal, Civilized Negotiation Process

Through literature, the people can acknowledge, understand, and analyze everything that happened, they can fill themselves with hope and walk ...

Words Are The Most Precious And Powerful Weapons

The main and most important role of a writer is to be a peacemaker